Landscape Lighting, Outdoor Lighting, and Architectural Lighting in Texas by Boyd Lighting Designs.  We are Passionate about Lighting and we bring that passion and our unique background and experience to your project. Our outdoor landscape lighting beautifully illuminates your home while providing  safety, security and nighttime enjoyment.


Creative Lighting Design Ideas

Landscape lighting is an art
It requires the ability to understand space, form and balance. It uses shades of illumination to bring ordinary shapes to life.
Landscape lighting is also a science
It requires a thorough knowledge of the many light sources available in order to achieve the desired lighting effects.
Boyd Lighting Designs is all about combining the two for the enjoyment of its clients.
Lighting Opportunities

Outdoor lighting opportunities are endless. Possibilities include home lighting, tree lighting, garden lighting, path lighting, architectural lighting, water feature lighting, pool and pond lighting. We also consider a variety of lighting techniques in a design such as up lighting, down lighting, back lighting, and moon lighting to create the desired effect.

Quality Products and Services

All areas of your outdoor residential lighting are enhanced utilizing advanced, energy efficient lighting.  We create individual lighting designs using high quality lighting fixtures from the finest manufactures in the industry.  We take into consideration not just the fixtures' appearance, but how this light fixture will function in your outdoor home lighting scene.

Exterior Residential Lighting Design for

Working together, we will explore the possibilities, and create a lighting solution that fits your budget and fulfills your desires for the enjoyment of your home after dark.

 Allow us to offer ideas that transform dark and uninviting areas into night scenes that show off your landscape and architectural features. Call us for a free consultation. 


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